You haven’t played bowls before?

Not a problem!

Our staff will run through an intro when your session commences.

In the meantime take a look at this guide to get the edge on your opponents.

The Basics

Aim: The aim of the game is to get your Bowls closer to the Jack than your opposition.
Rink: Area in which play takes place.
Jack: Small white ball, the idea is to get bowls as close as possible to it.
Bowls: Balls used by the player, weighted on one side causing it to curve as it rolls.

How to Bowl

    • Stand on the mat, feet together.
    • Hold the bowl in your preferred hand (right or left).
    • Use the finger grips on either side to line up the bowl in your hand.
    • Step out with your opposite foot (left or right).
    • Bend down and take a small & gentle back swing.
    • Roll the bowl along the ground (do not drop your bowl from the waist).
    • Roll it out at an angle – to the right or left.
    • The weight in the bowl will turn it back towards the jack when begins to slow down.

How to Score

    • The player who has their bowl or bowls closest to the Jack wins.
    • Points are awarded according to the team with the number of bowls closest to the Jack.
    • The count stops when an opposition bowl comes into play.
    • Players can judge and agree on the distance and number by eye.
    • If in dispute – the measuring app on your smartphone should be used.
    • Any bowls that have stopped outside the rink or landed in the ditch do not count.
    • If the Jack goes outside the rink or in the ditch it should be placed back on the ‘T’.

The Rules

Fun is always the number one priority, however we do have a few rules to ensure that everyone can have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience with us at Rock ‘n Bowl.

Our friendly Rock ‘n Bowl staff will be there to remind you of the rules so don’t stress too much. However, please note that repeated infringements of any of the guidelines below will result in the non refundable cancellation of your session.

    • Responsible service and consumption of alcohol is enforced at the venue. Intoxication prior to your arrival or throughout your time in the venue is not permitted under any circumstances. This behaviour will lead to removal from the venue.
    • Although it’s Barefoot Bowls, shoes can be worn however they must be completely flat soled.
    • Only 1 person per rink is allowed on the green at any time.
    • Groups are not permitted to walk down the middle of the rink when changing ends – you must bowl end to end and use the pathways around greens perimeter.
    • No dropping or throwing lawn bowls – this damages the greens.
    • No eating, drinking or smoking permitted on our greens.
    • No driving (fast bowling) permitted.
    • No sitting on the banks of greens.
    • Our staff members are here to help you have a good time, please be respectful of them at all times.
    • If you have any further questions feel free to come up and ask any of our friendly Rock ‘n Bowl staff members.


    • Keep your bowling arm as straight as you can.
    • Watch your bowl until it stops.
    • Use an aiming point on the green or bank for more consistent results.